April 02, 2014

Hi, Final Examination's Mood !

Assalamualaikum and mornight everyone. Tonight, I feel like wanna have chitchat with you guys in here. How are you guys doing? Everything goes well right? Sorry, I've been busy these days cause I'm having my final examination and tomorrow will be second last paper . Yahoo ! Feel excited and....sad here  cause one of my roomate gonna leave us soon and move to Tapah, Perak :'( She's seeing happy to move there .  But it's okay, we're still can keep in touch right?  :) So, while i'm done with my final, I've think that I made someone dissapointed.  Ya , my parents of course. It is because i'm not totally concentrate with my studies and I can't do well in my exam. I have speak to my mom just now but she try to calm me down and ask me move on with another subject. But I know inside of her  deep heart, she's dissapointed. I'm soo  sorry ma, if I can't DL for this semester.  You such an inspiration for me to keep move on and trying the best that I can. Thank you mama ♥ ♥ I believed that if I can't do well in my exam for today, I will doing good for my next paper. InsyaAllah. Keep praying for it, Ameen. So, on saturday I might be taking a last paper :P Feel jealous about it? Yippyyy !! :D Byebye guys. 

♥ ♥ 

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