February 20, 2014


Assalamualaikum and morning everyone :) This morning I would like to share with all of you guys a story . It's about friends and love . Many of you have known what the story is about right ? I've started moving on actually then suddenly I met a guy in a class A , also known as a masscommers . My friends told me that he likes me since he saw me at KI . Ya , I just know him and we're hanging out together to buy my things.  Then, we're texting through whatsapp . We're actually almost couple but I asked him to wait for me to forget MHK . It just because I've known him for 2 years.  And that guy gives me a time to think about it. I know he's hurt even MH K also had give me a text to be with him again. But it's okay I still move on with that guy and decided to forget about MHK.  And guess what ?  I couldn't lie to myself that I won't be able to forget about him.  Plus I've hurt him a lot ! Hmm when I woke up, I decided to leave everything about love behind and do not ever mention about love again. Now, what I've must think is my studies , my family and my friends. What I've give, I'll get back .  Yes, I know about it because it's a fact known as karma.  Never be proud with someone who adores you,  because the more they adore/like you , the more they hate you :) Yes, it's a  life. That guy and I were over , between me and MHK were friends like usual . I can't force someone to become my friends right ? But MHK and I have decided to be friends . About heart ? love ? Hmm I will never mention about it in our conversation.  So , I will move on like always be happy and make a friends. Recover my intention and think more about my studies and pay back what my parents did to me and my siblings :) InsyaAllah Allah s.w.t will show me the right way to success. Ameen. 
♥ ♥