January 18, 2014


Hi assalamualaikum everyone :) How are you guys doing ? Today I'm gonna share you a story and i wanna ask about your opinion . For sure, it's about love again........ Ya I think it become twice right now and I already sick of it. What do you know about ♥ ??  After what had happened towards me and MHK , slowly im back off and tryin' to move on.  After a long time alone ...... So this is what happen :) I try to adore someone bit by bit (not as deep as i love mhk)  and most of my classmates have  known about it.  And guess what ? I'm hurt again ha ha ha.  Funny right? I've tried to be happy in front of him and try act nothing happen but it doesn't work hmm and I ask my man , Kinkin .

Me : Aku dah lain ke sekarang?  Aku dah jadi pendiam ke ?
Kinkin : Yaa kau sangat lain sekarang . Selalu sendiri , takpun nanti kau mesti termenung. Kalau tak dulu , kau lah yang paling riuh dalam kelas. Dengan gelak ketawa kau , aku usik pun kau bising. Tapi sekarang kau tak.
Me : Nampak sangat ke aku dah lain ? Kenapa dengan aku eh ?
*still don't believe it*
Kinkin : Yups , kau sangat lain. Manalah aku tahu kau kenapa. Tapi relaks lah faz , semua orang ada problem masing-masing. Sekarang ni, aku nak kau janji dengan aku esok kau akan jadi macam Faz yang dulu .
Me : insyaAllah aku akan jadi macam dulu

And we end our conversation like this as usual :) Slowly i've try act nothing happen again and try to smile again and again. Swear to God ,I feel like I'm totally fool but what to do cause I'll see that guy forever.  So i'm just move on for several times. 


Guess what ? Early in the morning I wake up from my bed , i will get my handphone and callin most of my classmate , wake them up . And I called him  twice cause I'm sure that he's not awake yet. So i just go to the Dewan Bendahara for KI . After the end of KI, we rewrite our attendance and I'm askin him why didn't pick up my first call and he answer not as usual . I'm just shock for awhile then I forget it. When I speak to my friends, one of my classmate is pullin me away and whispered to me about him. Sokay, I'm just smile :) Then, i've decided to have a lunch at a stall but suddenly i met him with another girl . Talk to each other .:) Mija is staring at them and suddenly she's askin me , "faz are you fine? "  my answer gonna be the same " why? ofc im okay :)"  And mija told me " don't worry faz , you'll get better than him . smile baby :) " I'm still smiling but when i looked at Kinkin and I said " my eyes are watering, plss  slap my face kin !!!" But kinkin ask me to chill up and act normal  and alhamdulilah i'm good. Before he sit down with that groups , he  staring at us(my classmates) but we're just do nothing. For sudden, Syera and kinkin ask me to eat something and we're going to choose our dish but they're said he that we must wait for 5 minutes.  So, after discuss with my classmates we're decided to eat at another restaurant that might be far away . And we're leave..... then I just go alone and Kinkin keep askin me "am I okay????" Ya, my answer is still  *smile* "I'm okay". Step by step my journey back to Uitm, I've been thinking that insyaAllah i will forget all this feeling and won't be hurt anymore. Bismilahirahmanirahim insyaAllah with the name of God, I will close this heart ♥  and won't let it open before i found someone who really sincere to me.  Wish me luck to move on and goodluck for midterm :)

♥ ♥