January 11, 2014


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone :) Start your day with smile and have a blast . Today I wanna share you a story about my life lately this. Fuhhh my life such a full of dramas . Lol ! My routine at hostel are goes very well and sometimes I'll be send my routine and introduce my mom to my classmates :) Alhamdulilah my mom like most of my classmates . But my mom always judging me when I've took a photo with my boys friend ayoyo and askin me who was it ? When I said they're just a friend of mine , confirm she won't trust me, smile and showing the photo to my dad. I'm super duper sure ! Alhamdulilah, thank to God both of them were sporting and coolest parents that I had :) I always remember what my mom have told me about finding lovers . Kinda funny right ? Ha ha. Find some guy was not easy as  you think, but it may take a few months or maybe a years. Find it slowly, with the right way. There's no need you to rush to find it because Allah knows better than us when, where it came  :) Our appereance and stylish doesn't matter but SINCERE,KINDNESS,RELIGIOUS,POLITE,QUALIFICATION(fix job) were everything. Yes my mom gave me a tips and some opinion about love :D InsyaAllah I still hold and wait for a miracle come hihi. Yes , it hard to find someone like this. For sure, if I introduce some guy and they like the way he is. Alhamdulilah it'll be a greatful moments to me. But NOT NOW my dearest friends. If God wills it,  when the true man come on the right time. Now I just want to focus more on my studies and make them proud of my results cause this is the only way and my opportunity to make them happy :) Thank you mama papa cause be patience with my behaviour since I was born and I was proud to have you guys in my entire life mama papa ♥ ♥ By the way mama, I'm sorry I can't be at home on our birthday cause i'll be stuck at here hmmmmm. Yaaaa we can't celebrate our birthday just like before :'(  But.............on your anniversary, i'll be at home yeayyyyyyyyy can't wait to give you a surprise mama papa hihihi. Your daughter and your son will give a full of suprises >,< Miss you so much, Mama Papa ♥ ♥ ♥