June 27, 2013


Assalamualaikum always come first :) Today im gonna share with you a little bit about my situation now . Hmm yesterday was my bad night . I've spoiled someone's relationship . Swear to God , I've regret about it . Ahhhh damn !!! Actually it's such an incident . Cause I don't want it to happen . But I also thank to God there's nothing serious happen between them . If anything happen , I will put a blame on myself . Ahhhhhhhhhhh what a foolish you are , Fazira ?! Damn damn damn Sorry to both of you . Hmm :'( InsyaAllah I will go and not bother yours relationship . That's my promise to both of you  and I really meant it ! But dude , please promise me something . When I've spoke to her last night , I can see that she really love you and she will do anything to protect her relationship . So please don't make her sad or dissapointed . I know she will give you a happiness . If God willing , she'll be your future wife . InsyaAllah trust and always hold on tight her with you . With all I've said here , I really meant it . There's no doubt and no jealous . It's come from deep hearts . Always takecare both of you . Thank you  :)