December 07, 2012

Hijabista ?

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon everyone :) 
Today I'm gonna share something weird and quite interesting . Lately this my sisters always asked me "Takna try apply kerja jadi model Hijabista ke ?" Yes , I'm quite weird when she ask me to apply because I never thought it will happen . But my answer is "Tak rasanya , aku ni dahlah *tembam* kenapa tak hang je yang pi ?" And the answer is "I'm too short!" Homaiiiiiiii she's too confident that the short people like her couldn't be a model . But for me at least you have a talent and know fashion was quite enough ! Be confident to yourself sister :D After she asked me to try find a money with being a model for hijab people , I always think about it . But I don't think I could because I'm not too confident with it and I'm still young to being famous in magazines . I just wish I will be famous with my carrier in business and studies . InshaAllah :) All the decision I must ask my family either they agreed or not . That shown , I'm still young to make my own decision right ? Yes , I'm the one who had finished my SPM but now trying to find job that suitable with my character before I'm going to PLKN . Fuhhhhhhh ! Sometimes , I quite think that I will bulying with others at there but I remember what my mom said "You're friendly and strong, inshaAllah no one can bulying you" Thank youuu mama , I will always remember your advise . Muahhhh :* Okay guys , today I'm gonna hangout with my friends . Pray for our safety guys :) Aminnn . Chalobeteyy >,<

xoxo ,
F ♥