December 06, 2012


Assalamualaikum everyone . Wowww !! Finally , my examination had finish yesterday . Yippyyyyyyyyyyyyy but I'm not soo excited  actually because I still thought that I will have a exam and schooling . Hm sounds weird right ? :/  But nevermind at least I still have a chance in my life to move on and alhamdulilah still alive :) Praise to Alllah SWT . Now , every things gonna be change cause I'm no longer a chidlish girl but becoming a matured girl . Thanks to my lovely parents cause always givin me a support to stay alive and bring me up when I'm down . So , after I'm done with my SPM examination . Now I'm gonna having a big big steps and say NO for baby steps . Alhamdulilah my mom always gives me support to ruin a business for a women in hijab and now I'm also have an idea to design a new dress or blouse for women who interested in fashion ;) My sister had gives me this idea and they're support me very well . InshaAllah with all their support , I will have a better life in my life . 

What I wish in my life is , when I'm become rich InshaAllah I will do the same way that everyone could do which is helping others people who need shelter , who needs food and who needs our help to help them :) Amin . I also very thankful to Allah SWT cause still give me a chance to stay alive and give me chance to prove that I will succeed in my life . Pray for my success !!! ♥ 

xoxo ,