December 16, 2012


Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all of my sweet blogger :) Last saturday , I was end my work at Angsana . Fuhhh finally ~ Yesterday , I'm having my seminar driving license . What a sleepy day for me cause stay in a cool places errr . Then last night I was helping my sister at Angsana , fuhhh quite tired cause I'm about to have  a rest but unluckily I can't cause have to work . But alhamdulilah I'm done with  those work and now it's turn to focus on my own business . Thank you to my parents cause always give me support and alllowed me to find a money with my own way . Alhamdulilah :) And unofficially someone gave me a balloon that full with 'conteng' . First of all , I'm not too sure about this guy . Cause gave me with those word but at least I'm impressed cause he try to be brave talk to me and see me . *claphandsforyou* But only a certain word that I'm not like which is "I Love U" cause we're only have been known for a couple days . So , it's not nice to see it  Nevermind , it's not a chance for me to fall in love just make me melt :D Just now , I just see his Facebook . Err , my instinct currently right !! Yess , he has a girlfie alhamdulilah :) But always remember dude , just be friends okay ? Aminn :) Thats all for today , byebye and assalamualaikum .