November 13, 2012


Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim 

Assalamualaikum and good evening everyone . Just now , when I have a study group with my friends Nurul . I get one message from my classmate + my friends " eppy , hmm aku nak cakap something ni" Okay , I ask her to call me back cause I don't have any credits to call or replyin her message . But she didn't call me so , I decide to call her by using my celcom number .  I am suprise when she told me about one of my ex , which is   we called him ' ID ' Yeahh , I give this name everytime when I want to share my problem or my stories about him to them in school :) When she told me everything and I a little bit jealous cause he never say 'hello' or message me when he  arrives at Malaysia . You always said that I might be happy with someone else after SPM right ? Yeahh I know you'll always said it to me . But you actually doesn't know what had happened when you left .  My life is gettin worst I think . He and I had argument but we had solve the problem patiently  and now , we're only as a friends . Not more than everything . After what happened to me , I realised something that makes me clear and more comfortable . Yeahh , my SPM is so close to me right now . And I decide to be alone . I know it kinda weird but I choose it so I will more focus on my study for my future and makes my parents proud of me :) InsyaAllah I may success if that what I want . I always think positive Aminnn >,<

p/s :  Btw , actually I have something to say . I still keep your photos in my phone and when I have a free time , I will look at your pictures . And thank you cause still remember me , ID . I appreciate it . I hope you'll read this :) InsyaAllah too , I will pray for your future girlfriends buddy :) Happy ever after guys , take care . Assalamualaikum ;) 


Fazira Roslan