November 12, 2012

11 November 2012

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar- Rahim .

Assalamualaikum , finally the wedding that we're waiting so long was done . Alhamdulilah :) The wedding ceremony was held at Dewan Pusat Perlindungan Wanita , Camar . We're extremely tired  Fuhh ! . Before the wedding was held , we're dizzy on choosing any baju kurung that we should wear for the wedding . And I choose <-- .="." another="another" answer="answer" asked="asked" baju="baju" but="but" change="change" font="font" is="is" it="it" kurung="kurung" me="me" my="my" nbsp="nbsp" sister="sister" to="to">

"Arghh biarlahh , takda siapa pun nak tengok punn :D" 

And I wear this baju kurung >,<  Then , we did our job yesyterday . But when we getting tired , so we're rest for awhile . Hehe . After that , I saw someone that I might be recognised her . Her name is Syaza Natasha . But I'm not sure and not remember her well . So , I asked her name . Pity her cause I'm not remember her . So damn sorry my dear cause not remember you . InsyaAllah I will remember you after this . Hehe ;) 

After a few minutes ago , we have a free time and we're met up all the relatives . Then , one of my relatives was said , 

   "Haa yang nii simpankan untuk saya "

And I was there *blur for awhile* Kayy what's this ???? Then I heard a boy said , " kirim salam dekat anak" . Kay now I understand ! I'm still young and I don't want to be married anymore ! That's clear . Then , I accompanied my sister eat her meal . While waitin for her , I just waitin for someone BBM me . So bored , then my sister was whispered with my eldest sister about someone who was always starring at me every minutes . Kay that's really rudes guys ! Haha :D Then , all my relatives gone back home . Kayy byebye all the new brides :) I will pray for your happiness . Hehehe ♥