November 13, 2012

Never expected

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim 

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon :) I'm going to story about what happened last night . I never expected , this problem will haunted me again . Grr I know I am single and it is good for me . Please , don't find me if  you with someone else and don't find me if you're feel bored with your partner . I still a girl who just like her . It's enough for me to see you happy with her . I'm just your ex and I am treatin you well only as a friends . Not more than that . Please don't haunted me with this matter again . I don't want get sick cause of it . Don't ask for your second chance pleasee . Cause I won't give you a second chance . You're only think about yourself . Don't force me if I said NO ! Sorry, I don't want to destroy others girl relationship cause I am a girl too so I could feel the same way . It's hurt !!!

Now , I only crush with my own ex but it's not you . It's my only ID . But I also could feel that someone more loves him than me . InsyaAllah I could be tough as much I could . But I don't want to spoil my SPM mood , so I decide he will give the best way and treat her well . I will pray for you, ID . Alhamdulilah , I take it as my challenge to love you . It might not be our destiny but insyaAllah I will do my best to love you more than her . As a girl , I don't want to fight with each other to get one boy . That's my promise to myself and alhamdulilah I make it :) Maybe someone could say that too many love that I sacrifice for them (friends/strangers/crush) to be someone else. InsyaAllah , God will give me a patience and be strong of it . Alhamdulilah :) 

Fazira Roslan