September 04, 2012

Secret weapons

Assalamualaikum . Today I wanna share something that when I write my essay on my english paper . Today , I'm not too release because I still not satisfied with my paper . Erghh feel like wanna break it into pieces . Oh noooo , but I must believe with what I've wrote right ? >,<  When I wrote it and I remember something which is my mom's advise and I loved to hear this advise cause it always remind me to study hard if I wanna success in my life :) "what I wish in my life?" Yeahhh the essay question that I did it . And I make it ! Yeayyyy ! Alhamdulilah :) Thanks to God too cause I've been 4 months been alone but my life is getting better now without any crush and boyfie . I feel so happy and just think about my studies . My hearts still can't be open to any guys except I will respect who will open my hearts to be with him :) Giving hope is just can make your life worst . That's why I try my best do not give one of you guys a hope . You like me you love me ? Better don't cause I will screw it out . To be fair , I just want us to be friends . This is one of my warned too :) Yes , maybe I will be jealous to those who are happy with their couples . But be jealous now is better than I crying after it . 

P/s to the BOYS : Grab her if you want her but not forcing her to be with you . 
And hold her tight if you don't want to loose her . Loves your girlfriends/wife with your whole life . 
She'll never leave you if you'll takecare of her :)