September 07, 2012

Miss them :'(

Assalamualaikum today I wanna share some short stories . This is my adopted sister Nur Hidayah Salleh. She's damn pretty !!! I do admire her when I saw her last year . Last year , I was a hostellers . Then , we started known each other when one of her friends said that our face just look alike :) But she's more pretty than me Hehe . And we had become closed till the end of the year . She also looking for me when I'm in hurried to going back home . Ohh feels happy cause I had a chance to know her and be close to her . Because she also a nice and a cute girl :)  Startin this year , before she going to continue her studies . We decided to meet and hangout together but it's not work out . Hmm And now we lost contact each other . Sis Daya, Faz rinduuuuuuuuu Sis lahhhhh :'( Hope kite boleh meet lagii kayy ? After SPM for sure ! :) 

This is my sweet lover since I'm in form 2 . Before we became friends , I ask her about myself . Then she told me that firstly she thought I am ARROGANT ! But after she become one of my friends , she really surprise because I am a crazy crazy , naughty and childishh girl a little bit . She never thought that I was kind of person . Our friendship still strong untill now . Alhamdulilah , even we're far apart and schooling at the different places . We're still contact each other :) Thank you cause still remember me , my phone number , and many things . GoodLuck for your SPM , Nur Idayu Bt. Abu Hassan I'll be there for you my sayanggg :)