September 03, 2012

Busy week


Assalamualaikum and good evening guys :) May you have a nice day today . I wanna share something today , I'll be busy with study in two weeks so I wanna say sorry if I'm not wrote anything here anymore in two weeks >,<  Spm is just around the corner and I must do some revision for all those subjects . I afraid to target many A's for my trial cause I afraid I will feel down if I can't get the same target that I've been target . So , I just do the best that I can do . If we do the best in our examinations , insyaAllah we'll get the better results . I don't want a better results for my trial but I want a perfect score for my SPM and everyone would surprise with my SPM results . I also hope that my family gonna be happy with it . Amin . Thank you for the wishes and caring , mummy daddy . I Youuuuuuuu  So Muchhh :) InsyaAllah I will give you my good results in trial . 

8A's ! And that's my dream that will come true 
GOOOO Nur Fazira Roslan