September 12, 2012

For you

Assalamualaikum and good evening everyone :) I want to story about someone I like.  We have many things which is same . Our favourite food and unfavourite also the same till sometimes we're fight "youu , you tiruu i . Mana adee youu youuu yg tiru I" But it's make me always smile when I read your BBM .Thanks you veryyyy muchhhhhh babeee :P Yess, before this I ignore him . But since we're close and contact each other . I realised something about my feelings . Hmm but maybe I don't want to put any hope towards him cause I afraid I will down again . So , I just ignore everything that I feel and just be friends . When I'm react to be like this , he always care about me even as a friends . He doesn't know about this feelings and I decide I just want to keep this feelings from him . I just say "one day he will know" I don't want to confess my feelings towards him cause I afraid I will losing him as my friends . 

p/s : You , I'm sorry if I react to be like this . I don't know how this feelings come but I will forget all this feelings and be your friends and I will try my best for it ! You don't have to worry , okay ? Thanks cause care about me and always calling me when you have a free time . I'm soooooo sorry too cause I can't understand you like you want . It's my bad  >,<