September 17, 2012

Close it tight even it's tough

Assalamualaikum . Story about last night. Hemm on 12 o'clock , I'm confess my feelings towards him but I didn't asked more . Only just he know about my feelings and continue be friends . Then he also confess his feelings to me but... he said it's too early for everything and he knows me by his best friends . His best friends told him that he likes me so he don't want to break his best friends's hearts . Okay I understand and started annoyed him last night . Because I don't want to cry or put any hope on him cause I know this will happen again to me . So , I just react cool and be someone else and not myself . Yesss , last night I'm became fake cause I hold to stay strong . I don't want he saw my weakness "crying" And I also know our friendship will be like this after we're confess our feelings . Our conversation and our reactions being more different and be careful to fall in love again . It might take a time to erase you in my mind and in my hearts . I hope you'll dissepear for awhile so I can forget all this feelings towards you . Sorry for being rude with you . I hope you'll have a better life there . Take care goodbye . End .