March 31, 2012

Assalamualaikum . Today I'm going to share something new about me . Nowadays , my life is a little bit ruin . I also don't know why or what happen to me . My hearts also keep asking , am I suppose to wait for him or just let him go with his work and his life . I asked for just be friends but I don't know why sometimes I feel something strange with him ? I asked myself , are we gonna be friends forever ? But why must he treat me like he really want me to be with him ? Or maybe he treat the girls just the same way . Kay now I understand . After I make a decisions to be friends forever with you , I wanna you understand . Love can't be force and I know how it's feel when someone won't let his/her go and chasing a new love . Maybe I regret with the decisions that I'll make but I know it's the best way right ? I don't know how to keep this things from you . And I am sorry cause make you keep waitin for me . Just give your love to other girls and I hope you'll be happy with her . I don't want you to keep waitin for me and lie to your hearts . I want you to find other girls and be successful with her . Don't worry about me cause I am fine with it and I'll try my best to stay away from you . I guess so . I don't want to hurt myself and yourself with this things . But I think you're more happy when you're single . I know you still live without me . Thanks cause always be with me and I do appreaciate it , Thank you so much buddy .