March 23, 2012

Terrible Person

So sorry to say, boys . If you don't think wisely , you don't know what you're gonna face up after this . And if you don't know anything about what my intention so better SHUT YOUR MOUTHS ! Don't interrupt others problem . I am wrong and I know it so I will get the revenge . So you don't worry cause it'll happen to me neither you or him . Even before this you're *MY FRIENDS* and you'll hate me about this . Go on hate me because I'll not mad at you . Past is past , just let it go . I don't want to think about it again and again . Fyi , he can get more better than me and he's kind but maybe not suitable with me because I'm a BadGirl ! Understand what I'm saying ? Kay goodBye -,-

*aku benci betul orang taktau apeape tbetbe masuk campur*