April 06, 2012

I AM A FREE GIRL !!!!!!!

Assalamualaikum (: How are you guys ? Yeah well I'm fine hehe . Just now , I'm online my Facebook Acc . You know what I've seen ? He's in a relationship with someone . Do you know what I feel ? Hahahaha there's nothing I'd feel babe . I just "Ohhhh He has a new girlfie ! " But I just give him a message on Facebook . "Congrates and hope long lasting babe (:" As a girl , I think you guys know what I feel right ? But to boys , they're aspect we're jealous cause have a new one . After I think about it twicely , why I suppose to be sad ? I should be happy with it because he's my friends and I must be happy for him . So , I just be strong and act like nothing happen . And about our promise for next year , I think it's time for us to change everything and move on with our life . I had told you that you still can live without me and my prayers for you fulfilled . Now there's nothing for me to think about it anymore . So , enjoy your life and I enjoy my life weeee~ GoodBye My Old Flames !