February 24, 2012


Assalamualaikum . The word that I can describe for you is YOU'RE NEVER CHANGE ! I know it will happen in this situation . I'm tired cause keep quarrel and fighting with you about this problem . I had give you a time to change it but you did it this way . And I think I must let you go far away . We're not meant to be together . Even sometimes you're begging with me and I give'd you a chance but now I think better I would not give you a chance . You can texting with who you want , you can be with who you want everything you want . But you must remember 'Not everything you want , You'll get !' Loves can't buy with money and Loves also can't buy with you sympathy faces .

Ustaz cakap :

Lelaki still sayang kalau perempuan buat silap atau ditinggalkan


Perempuan sekali ditinggalkan atau dikecewakan ,
rase sayang akan hilang sedikit demi sedikit