February 17, 2012

Alone Forever

Assalamualaikum . I really wish that I can drive a car by myself to the ocean . Hmm I want a peaceful place like this and be alone forever . This kind of place will make me wanna scream if I'm in pressure or stressed condition . Oh God ! What I suppose to do with this situation ? Am I must be calm with it ? But I'm not tough enough . Today is the 3rd days I'm not texting him . Whether he's fine or not . I don't know but I'm sure that he gonna be fine . I tried my best to understand you but I can't . Before this , I ask for break up but you won't let me go . Hmm then I give you a chance . But after this happen again , I think you're not deserve to have me that can't understand you very well . This is me and you know me very well . I didn't force you to have me back but it's your decision . Hmm think positively . You're not texting me , I don't mind cause I don't want have a negative think about you . I know this is what I want right from you ? I did this because I don't want to interrupt your business or your job . Thats why Im doing this . But actually this is not what I want from you babe . We'll consider about it later . Takecare bbye I MISS YOUU :'(