February 25, 2012

A true life

texting in motion.

Assalamualaikum everyone (: How are you ? I'm sure you're fine right ? Happy your life with doing something that can make you feel happy okay ? Today , I wanna share with you guys about my life after being single forever *InsyaAllah . This motion and action I keep busy is texting and tweet plus on the call w/someone (friends only) . I don't want to give you a hope , so don't expect anything from me . I just wanna have a lot of friends not a lot of BOYFIE and everyone that I've friends also understand what I mean is . I don't want to know you more than a friends knowing the truth friends . I can entertain you but all of you are my friends and I hope you guys also not give me a hope by the words you're said . And to those who are in a relationships , BACK OFF from me guys ! I don't want to be blame on your broken relationships . I don't want to be a third person . I hope you're understand . Thank youu ! Another things , it's for a certain people . Those who are in a relationships , don't say that you're single but actually you've a girlfie . I am a girl too so I know how it's hurt by been played w/you . Take a lesson from that . Byebye :O