October 14, 2011

Final Examination Is Begin

Assalamualaikum . Pade hri Isnin , 10/10 dah exam final ohh . Haishhh sangat sangat tension menjawab dan membaca di saat genting begini *sape suruh study last minute* hahaha bese lha tuh kann . ya allah , sejarah susah gilaaa . Naik pening kepala akuu . Then tadi exam maths pun , bole tahan lah susah cume paper 1 , okay not so bad hehe . Wish me catch up all A's in my final examination guys (:

For my parents , this week i'll be back on Friday . And thank you cause always give me support to do well in my examination . Especially my mom that always pray and give me support plus not pushing me so much in the exam . This is all about you and your kindness mama , papa :) May God bless you

I Miss My Family & I Miss My Home :'(