September 27, 2011

Assalamualaikum to everyone . Today im here , to share something that i must goin through since the days . Lately , I always be mad to my friends and the others also be involved too . So pity right ? But now , praise to God everything goes well . I also hope it will be last longer . Btw , I have a good news to the audience .

Hey peeps , I will be home this week !

But sadly, i won't be able to see him again and also one more weeks . Hmm if we have a time to meet up , we will right ? And i hope your team will be the famous parkour in Malaysia . Sorry too if i couldn't make you happy since im with you . I know you're bored when we had a fight each other . And sorry too if i make you like humble which is askin you doing whatever i want . Thanks for everything yaa man ?

R.A.S.A Aizam Ramlee