March 27, 2013

Everything About YOU

Assalamualaikum blogger lovers (: Today I'm gonna share something about someone that have be half of mine and I'm totally serious with him . But please don't misunderstood guys , I'm still single but NOT available because I do love him just like I love my boyfriend even we're not declare as a couple yet . I don't mind as long as I know we love each other . Alhamdulilah it's enough for me . I also trying my best to give the best support and my commitment for any good things that he do . Before this , we're not so close but we're still contact each other even I'm gone to PLKN for 3 months . Maybe he might think that I will find someone else there but actually I'm not searching for boys . InsyaAllah and alhamdulilah till today dear , I'm loyal with you I don't want to think other boys except you honey . Just YOU ! I will always pray for you , me and about us . InsyaAllah there will have a miracles if something goes wrong . "Accept the fact , always thankful & be proud of yourself " - MHK said . This is what you've told me when I become sad and cry about my results . Thanks you honey for giving back my spirit to stay strong and move on to continue  with this full adventures of life (: You're just like my wall that I wanna splat my body to you just like a paint who will cheer your life everyday everyhour and everynight baby . xoxo =* 

♥ ♥
Fazira Roslan