June 06, 2012

L o v e ?

Assalamualaikum  hello everyone ? Sorry cause today I can't display any image or picture . Mood takda langsung ! The song that I put at my blog now , how I feel . For one day , I keep crying . I'm tellin you that I'm cryin doesn't meant I want your sympathy . But it's really happen to me . Blogging is one of diary , if something happen to me . I will blogging . Thanks to all friends cause keep on supporting me doing a right thing without touchin any medicine too . I almost take a medicine just now but I think I'm stupid cause doin it just cause broken heart ? Why must be like this ? I don't want any ending ! Like I said , I just want us to be happy . Forever ! But it happen too fast right ? I'm sorry for those kind that I've made . Hope you happy now . Bye !