April 13, 2012

L o v e .

Assalamualaikum . Today Im gonna share something more about love . This lately , sometimes I feel suck of love but when I think about it twice I feel like why and why I should feel suck of love ? Is it because of one man ? Hmm don't be stupid Fazira . You still can joy your life without a boyfiee and you can be with others boy too . After I think about it , I think this is the best time I want to joy my single life . After SPM ? Am I gonna find boyfiee ? I don't know yet . If I've found my match , I hope he'll be more better than with whose I'd couple before . Aminnnn (:

Girls can still live without boys and how about the boys ?

Oh God , please find me a good and a kind match to marry .
My little man , I don't want your money or your property but I just want your sincere love and make me feel that way . I really hope :)