February 03, 2012


Assalamualaikum (: Today im gonna share something about a backstabber . Actually , I really don't like someone like them . It'll make us arghhhh angry plus sad :( And I can see when they're talking and look me like im doing something wrong but I am not okay . You're do it by yourselves so that's not my wrong . Just straight forward if you don't like me okay ? Don't be so fake ! You're goin to tell your teacher that us looking you up down ? Hahaha Just tell them because I'm gonna say that you're coward to face up ! I can respect you as my junior if you're not so rude . You're proud of yourself ? Hahaha I don't mind at all . I think the junior for this year are more trouble maker and so rude than us last year .

GoodBye Respect For Those Juniors !