November 20, 2011

Desperate's boy

Assalamualaikum. Today , Im goin to share story about a boy who is in desperate. I am helpin my sister at my mom's restaurant, Angsana. Then, someone is callin me from the far distant but I ignore him. After that, he come to my mom's restaurant and askin for my phone number. And I said 'NO'. Then, he's givin up! Yeahh, I don't mind. A few minutes, he come to see me again with his girl friend. And I being coward than I move back from them. Reverse, Back, Reverse, Back :D They said I should not be afraid of them. Then, my sister quickly ask them .

*This is their conversation :-

Azy Roslan : Hey hey , yaa ade ape ya ?
Them : Takde, Nak jumpe dea kejapp jee.
Azy Roslan : Sorry lah ehh. Saya akak dea. Klau dea takna, bole tak jgn pakse.
saya tak suke! sorry lahh ehh?

Them : Tak bole eh? Hm takpe lah
(with blushing)

Lastly, they're afraid of us and sit down at their place.
So, I just doin my own business. That's all we do and we do stay with a peaceful life :)