July 29, 2011

My Precious Result

1A+ 2B 2C+ 1G

Precious Result ? Oh no , it is not my precious result that i have to be proud of But supposely to be shameless . Yes , it's true that's only 6 subject but i think this test make me feel so humble and dissapointed . But teacher Ushadevi said , don't give up ! Just do it more better later and learn from mistake (=

This is the word that she said when i cried cause i can't do Maths (graph)

That's my AKDP teacher , who is always give us a support same as Mrs. Jamilah , our mama Jammy . Heheh Also our Bahasa teacher , Mrs. Zaimah Arbon who always advise us about attitude and try to discipline us in the classroom . hehe Thanks a lot teachers :)

For the others subject , i will inform it here later yahh ? so that's all for tonight and today . Have fun and smile always =,=