July 30, 2011

I ♥ You

Finally i meet him at City Square *again* haha , fuhoo for a long time we're not meet up and i feel so happy yesterday . Babe , thanks for everything that you've spend to me either money or your time to spend time with me . I really appreciate it dear . I never aspect that you're let your job go and just stay with me . Hee Thanks again (: So , i promise to myself that i will do the same later hehe . You know right , you're the only one that i have now but i usually ask about the passed . But im sorry dear . I didn't mean to make you hurt . I just won't the passed will turns back to us . I can't imagine it if it happen to me again . I am pity sad and a little bit dissapointed of you . Even sometimes it hurts , but i try to be strong back . So , I hope you understand what i feel about . Everything about me and you