June 01, 2011

Anniversary For A Second Year

I really thought it will be like this on our anny . But it gonna be a dream . I know we can meet on the others day . But i don't know whether i can go or not . And then you've a job on photography and it's free . Okay , i don't mind . I totally excited when 6/6 is our anny . But , when it become like this . hmm im pretty sad of it . I know you're dissapointed with me when i said i don't have any time anymore . Then , you ask me out on next Saturday and i said i can't cause Sunday , i will back to hostel . So , i have to prepare all my things . Started from next week . I didn't mean not to see you . But it's true babe . I've a lot of things to do . Yesterday , i want to see you even last minute cause i scared i will might not to see you on Monday . And it's true what i feel . I am more dissapointed than youu . I understand you've a job , so thats why i ask you to go .

* A happiness turns to a DISSAPOINTED

Peeps , you want to know ? This is the end of a story . Tankiu