April 29, 2011

A Love Be Far Away ?

I don't know where is the love between us ? I don't know where to keep the love ? i don't know where i want to find it at YOU . there's only YOU , that i love babe . I don't know the others , just let them be my friend . YOU might be think that im such a careless and useless , maybe ? But i don't mind . Just now , i wake up from my sleep at my cousin granny's house . And YOU give me the message , i just say haishhhh . Honestly , yes IM STILL MAD OF YOU ! But i try to be cool , then when YOU've give me another reactions ( happy intonation ) Derrr , i getting mad again . Easy to say 'Sorry' but difficult to 'Prove Your Sorry' . I hope YOU understand why im being like this .