March 19, 2011

Last Day

Saturday , I having a lot of fun in my life . Even you're make me upset with you but i do it for your kindness too babe . So , please don't let me down . I want to have a joy with you yesterday and i had it . You're perfectly make me stronger than usual and feel never let you go .

Sunday , today i will goin back to hostel huaaaaa . I just feel don't want goin back , i wanna stay at home grr . But what can i do ? Just go there and study for my life . Never regret with y decision . Yahh , that's Fazira :)

Aizam Ramlee , for this week we've been meet two times . So , i hope you will more understand about my situation . Sorry if im not calling you , sorry if im not send my regards to you and sorry for everything . Please , don't mention that i don't love yo anymore ? Nope dear , I still love you and i hope our relationships will be last forever . I don't want to guide you off every time every minutes but i just want you to be faithful . I don't want it goes around in my life anymore . I hope you understand what does it means . If i s Or if i had anything to say , i will tell to your friends . You're more then enough to me and i don't want anyone else in my life . I hope you so . If anything happen to me , i wanna you to know . I Love You So Much , Muchie Muchie I Miss You