March 05, 2011

The Happiness

Malam ni aku rase happy sgtt even takdpt jumpe dea , tapi aku dpt jumpe dea di Videocall . weeee , aku try buad dea happy dgn behave akuu . sbb takna dea nantuk and bosan hihi finally aku dpt tgk muke dea snyum and tergelak . and and , dea sempat buad magic . aku dan spongebob sgt teruja taw taww haha . tapi takpee yg penting kita gembira kan kann ?

I miss you so much babe , i hope you'll not forget about me . You're must be worried about me when im not at home right ? but don't worry dear . I will never cheated youu hun . Only you that i have and that's enough for me (:

Loveyouu foreverr
, Aizam Ramlee