March 15, 2011

Can't wait for it

will you give me a bouquet of roses

My Chockie Lookie , obviously im totally nervous and can't wait to see you tomorrow wheee . Such a long time we didn't meet . I just like want to hold you tight cause i'll be back hostel soon huaaaa . Tomorrow is the only day that i've been waiting for . Every night , i counting time goin home and want to my family and youu my dear . I hope we can enjoy and happy tomorrow cause i really do (: I hope you too yess babe ? I always pray us will be stick together until my last breath . Thanks you buddy cause always be my side and help me out even im happy or in sadness . I really appreciate of what you had done ^-^

I Love You A Thousand Times . I Miss You A Thousand Miles . I Need You A Million Ringgit :D