July 10, 2012

Stress out !


Assalamualaikum . Today I'm going to share everything here . Hmm these days , I thought I'm in love even I said I only like him . Yesterday was a bad day I've been through . Today , my Jrobik doesn't meant anything . I'm not done it . Before Jrobic , I'm coming to the school with the sadness . Then , my friends pull me out and askin me what happen . I tell her the whole story , my tears drop drastically . I can't stand it anymore . People at my surrounding keep on looking at me . And I stop crying and try to be happy with doing Jrobic but my mind keep on thinking . Hmm Yeahh , I know it's too hurried . That's my mistake . I know you're found someone else . Thats why you said like that . Yeahh , okayy you're hurtin me up . Nevermind , in this year I don't know how many times I keep be hurtin by boys  , keep hoping from boys . I'm wrong to love you . If before this you made me still believing on boys , but now you treat me with this way and I wanna stop believing boys . My mistake cause still give you a chance to have my love . But I know one day you'll be in love with someone better . Even you had ask for apology and even I just keep quiet , I hope you gonna know and gonna through what I've been through . Better I'd be lied and hurtin everyone that love me right ? 
Love love ? HAHAHAHA suck !