May 18, 2012

Friendship never end

Nuraidatul Akmal bt. Mohd Fuad & Nur Fatihah Nabila bt. Mohd Zaki

Assalamualaikum everyone :) Today , I wanna share something about a friendship . This two girls are my besties at SMV Perdagangan since last year 2011 . Even we're not so close but we're sharing together but sometimes I will keep up my secret too but they're finally get know about it . They never lie about myself and FAKE cause we're totally hate the FAKERS . I didn't say that we're perfect but we're completely hate it . If there's anything that we're unsatisfied , we'll face to face and discuss about it since last year . Maybe it's hurt but we can change our attitude right ? I'm very thankful cause have them in mylife now. Thanks cause make me feel comfortable and make me peaceful plus calm with any condition that I've to face . Both of you are totally understand me and my situation . I Love Youuuuu xoxo :x

To those who are FAKERS , 
If you're hate me , you can go on . I don't care ! If you want to talk bad about me , move on . I don't mind ! 
The most important is , I am not disturbing you at all . But the true is , the kindness will be pay with kind , the bad things will be pay with bad . Before you're judging and complaining about myself , better you ask about yourself . Keep on look at the mirror who are you and know yourself is better than you judge anyone . SPM is just around the corner , I will forgive all the things that you're talking bad about me . But it just take a time . 5PPN3 , I know you're realise something strange between me and all of you right ? Not talking too much ?  After this , I might be quit as a Assistant of 5PPN3 . I hope you'll happy . Tq .