March 09, 2012

I am back into a LOVE world


Assalamualaikum (: I don't why since I know him and I started to know him . I feel so happy and comfortable with him . After one week(only) we're knowing each other . He decided to call me and we're on the phone yesterday . Even he knew that today we're must go to school . Before he called me , I feel so sleepy but when we're started to speak out , Oh god I am not sleepy anymore ! We're on the phone until 1 am . I am probing him and I love to do that . Then , his voice be more low and slow . I'm sure that he's sulking . And I am right so that's my job to make him be happy back . I am sorry cause always make you worried and jealous babe . Hehe , I am used with it and I promised I won't do it again *InsyaAllah hihi . Btw , thanks cause always make me happy with your behaviour .