January 13, 2012

Relationships is the game

Life is like a dice & Relationship like a dice

You know what I mean by that tittle ? Hahaha , Actly I already broke up . And after what happen , I realise something that I've been game ? hahaha , I thought . He really want to break up maybe . Everyone that I've told , they're say he has no excuses to break with me so he take a that chance and make it a excuses to me . OMG ! I'm shocked and I thought it too . And you'd give me a msg like that blablabla . It already stale for me now . From now on , I wish I will never see or meet you again cause I think I already been cheated by you . You've make me hurt for many times than you getting hurt . So , this is what you want and I compliant and very pleased for a 3th times . Memories will be erase little by little . Thank you very much .