January 24, 2012

Memory to Erase

Assalamualaikum . Aku rase korang mesti taktau kann sape yang bagii ni sume ? Hahahaha , Ni sume pemberian si Dia iaitu AR .
A MNG shirt , Vincci watch , Domo and a bear was a gift from him . All the gift had save in a box since I broke up with him . Sometimes I feel sad but why do I sad if something for not sure I get right ? Hmm firstly , I want to forget all about him but why he come back to me ? Hmm I still don't know why . But I will prayed for him to get more better than me . And I ? I wish I can still maintain to be Single forever . All happened to me and to us must be a reasons . Without a reasons , I'm sure that must be a happiness between us . But I'm sorry I can't accept you anymore more than friends . I want to erase all the sweet moments with you . I hope you'll get the happiness with others girl . Aminn (: