January 01, 2011

how much i need you

It's hard for me to cry again again but cause of a real things that i have to take it serious , i try my best for it . I don't want to lose you for a many times , so i hope and pray our relate will be last forever insyaallah . I just wanna you to know about something i hide from you but i didn't show it to anyone that i really loved . Once i love youuu and i really meant it , i really don't want to lost you and it's hard for me take it as my challenged . When you're said that you're love me very much , i feel ohhh im so touch dear and i hope you're really meant it and last longer . My promise to you are still strong and you might be the one that i want the most . Pleaseeee hunn don't leave me with the wrong way and catch me hold me if you want to . You're my only one that i really love . I hope you'll keep strength and be brave as you can cause i will always be your side just like what you said it to me . Thanks you so muchhhhh for a sweet memories in mylife that we're bring it to our life (:

Aizam Ramlee